Great Eyeliners That Don’t Smear Or Smudge

Great Eyeliners That Don’t Smear Or Smudge


Eyeliners are a great way to boost eye appeal. They are used on the eyes contours to create an enhanced look. Getting a great eyeliner that will not smear or smudge boosts the look and even promotes high self-esteem.

Eyeliners come in four main forms; pencil, liquid, gel, and cream. They each have unique features that make each exceptional and unique depending on their formers, pigments, and thickeners.

Pencil eyeliners
These are the most common; they are incredibly affordable compared to the others, and they are also effortless to apply. They come packaged as pencils, which are sharpen-able to the desired thickness or thinness. Pencil eyeliners are also very easy to control and to clean. However, they aren’t long-lasting.

Liquid eyeliners
These are relatively common, reasonably affordable, and the most complicated to apply. The eyeliners are great for winged cat-eyes and cat-eyes, for their precision. It is liquid by nature, and it does well to form a defined line on the eyes; however, if the hands aren’t steady enough, it can get all messy. Liquid eyeliners can either come as pencil-like or dip-pot like; the pencil one is advisable for beginners as it’s easy to remain steady during application.

Cream eyeliners
These kinds of eyeliners come in pots, and then a brush or an eyeliner pencil is used to apply it on the eyes. It’s mostly preferred by celebrities for its nature to stay put longer; however, it takes time to dry, and consequently, it’s possible to smear or smudge in unwanted areas.

Gel eyeliners
Gel eyeliners are more like the creamy ones. The only difference is that it is more liquid-based. Also, it’s the best in terms of staying on much longer. That aside, with really steady hands, they give the best cat-eyes.

The greatest eyeliners to prevent smudging or smearing are water-resistant eyeliners. They are applicable for all seasons, and they favor oily skins. The gel and liquid eyeliners are mostly waterproof; Even though once applied, they are hard to correct, they give that long-lasting look.


  • Choose the best formula to match the skin; eyeliners are for different skins. For example, for oily skin, try a liquid eyeliner. Although it may tend to give a dry feel, it works well. Nonetheless, if they are not an option, use powder, primer, or a liquid-based concealer before applying the eyeliner.
  • Invest in good eyeliner, cheap is expensive. Great eyeliners contain a “long wearing” label; also, water-resistant eyeliners are the best.
  • Try layering; first, apply the eyeliner lightly, then add another layer, alternatively pair the eyeliner with an eye shadow.

Great eyeliners provide that aesthetic look and can be a commentary on a style or season, for example, Halloween. Finally, although applying eyeliner under the eye gives that broad look, they can easily affect the eyes by blocking the pores, and it also portrays an older look, if it’s necessary, use a pencil eyeliner, as it goes soft on the eyes. 

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