The Essential Makeup Kit For Traveling

The Essential Makeup Kit For Traveling


If you are a modern woman on the go, you need a travel makeup kit full of everything you need to perform your usual grooming regimen. There are many products available that are specifically designed to be traveled with, or you can use some hacks of your own. Look at this list of everything you need in your essential makeup kit, no matter where you are heading next.

1. Miniature Containers of Liquids
Many cosmetics and other traveling make up essentials are already small enough to be in your essential makeup kit, being less than 100 mL, but other liquids, like sunscreen, moisturizer, or liquid soap may be decanted into smaller, travel friendly bottles. In addition, many products come in a ‘travel size’ container, such as perfume, or hairspray. Small size versions of shampoo, conditioner and body wash are also available, but it is more cost effective to decant these yourself, as with the convenience of these travel sized containers, their ease of use is often reflected in a higher cost.

2. A Cute Carrying Bag
Part of the charm of having a kit of traveling make up essentials is the bag that the various cosmetics are in. It can be a small purse or a specifically designed to hold your make up, but the container for your essential make up kit must be cute. Luckily, there are all different styles, and even some that feature handy pockets and zippers to hold all your doodads. If you are putting together a travel make up kit for travel on an air plane, know that the TSA has approved clear bags. Using a transparent bag to hold your traveling make up essentials will make the security lines at the airport a whole lot easier. Many clear bags that are designed with the TSA restrictions in mind also come with a set of clear, TSA approved small bottles into which you can put your various liquids that you need for traveling.

3. Choose Items that Multitask
When you are putting together a list of essential items you will need while you are traveling, you should think about saving space and try to find products that will do the job of two or more. A foundation or a concealer that also work as a sunscreen is a good example, as are lip stains that can also be used to color your cheeks. The ultimate example of this is a shampoo and conditioner combination, which you can get pre-packaged in a size that is convenient for travel. Brushes also come in a variety of sixes and can be used interchangeably a lot of the time. For example, if you use a small brush on your lips or to apply eyeliner, you can use the small edge of the brush you use to apply face powder or blusher.

While ideally you could just pack up your entire bathroom and take it with you, these ideas and products make it easy to look great no matter where you are.

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