The 6 Best Sandals This Year

The 6 Best Sandals This Year

Summertime is when people put away all of their boots, sneakers, heels, and bring out their sandals. The most popular shoe that people all over the world wear in the Summer is the sandal of course. There are many different types of sandals to wear, but here are the most popular and best sandals of this Summer.

1) Soludos Cara City Sandal Camel
This sandal is not the traditional sandal that you may think of when you think of a sandal. This sandal features two straps around the foot and a buckle around the ankle. It features a flat bottom for increased comfort. The buckle on this shoe is great for any adventure you will have this summer because it is guaranteed to stay on your foot and increase your comfort.

2) Midform Universal Star Teva Sandals
This sandal is one of the most popular sandals this year because they are offered in a neutral brown color. This ensures that they will look great with any outfit. This shoe features a strap around the toes and around the ankle. There is no fabric in between the toes so it is incredibly comfortable. You can wear these shoes anywhere without fearing that they will fall off.

3) Sam Edelman Tash Knotted Slide Sandal
If you are looking for a more fashionable sandal that you can wear on a special occasion you should consider purchasing this shoe. The knotted slide sandal features a large knot around the toe and a small heel. It is ideal for dressing up to go somewhere nice.

4) Ancient Greek Sandals Aglaia Sandals
If you are looking for a simply designed shoe that can make a huge impact this ancient greek sandal is ideal for you. It comes with a leopard print buckle around the toe and a flat bottom. These shoes look great with a dress or shorts. They offer a simple design but can pull any outfit together.

5) TKEES Foundations Shimmer Flip Flops
These flip flops are what most people will think of when they hear the word sandal or flip flop. This flip flop features a fabric attachment in between the toes. Rather than thinking of a traditional shoe, this flip flop uses a shimmer fabric to help add sophistication and style to any outfit.

6) Schutz Aya Slide Sandal
If you are looking for a sandal that you can just slip on easily this is the ideal slide sandal for you. It features four small ribbons around the shoe to help keep your foot in place. The beautiful color of these shoes will ensure that you can find any sandals to match your outfits. They look great on the beach but also great for a nice dinner out.

If you want to show off your style you should consider investing in one or more of these six best sandals of 2020. Whether you’re hitting the beach, shopping or grabbing something to eat, you will look great in these sandals.

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